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    Aluminum is a versatile material characterized by widespread use. He also found excellent use in the manufacture of frames. As a rule, the products of this plan are made of extruded metal, which has a number of advantages:
• light weight;
• resistance to mechanical stress;
• environmental friendliness;
• lack of corrosion and UV immunity.
    Aluminum frames can be used in all kinds of interior decoration, but most often they are used in modern, art deco, high-tech, eclectic styles. If you need to make a frame for a large canvas, then usually only a frame with an aluminum baguette is selected, since it does not weigh down the picture and can be installed on any wall. In addition, in the event of accidental fall, such a product is absolutely not deformed and retains all key properties.
    Fabrikaram recommends paying attention to the range of aluminum frames offered on this page. Our products have products in neutral colors that fit perfectly into any interior. Designs of silver and golden colors are also available, including baguettes in a bright, saturated color palette. And a variety of sizes makes it possible to choose the option that is ideal for your case.